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Are you looking for high quality, all natural mulch made without any construction image descriptionmaterials or palettes? Or maybe you're in the market for locally produced compost or topsoil. You could also be here searching for a company to remove green waste from your property. Whatever your reason, you've come to the right place. At Almstead, our clients are always our top priority, and that starts with products and services that are of consistently high quality.

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Our all natural mulch is made exclusively from plant material and is cooked to eliminate pathogens. It is available in a variety of naturally dyed colors. We also make playground mulch. Wholesale pricing and delivery are both available. More on mulch


Made with local materials, our compost is a great source of nutrients for plant material. Full of beneficial microbiology that’s native to our region, compost creates a more sustainable soil system that requires fewer synthetic fertilizers. More on compost


Almstead sells high quality, locally salvaged topsoil. Topsoil is the organically active layer of soil that supports plant growth. This product is essential for restoring plant life to excavated areas. Delivery is available. More on topsoil


Looking for onsite wood grinding service? At Almstead, we’ll bring our grinder to you. We’re fully insured, and have one of the safest, most reliable grinders on the market. We also offer carting services to remove the resulting waste. More on grinding


With our container drop-off and pick-up services, disposing of green waste has never been easier. Contact us, and we’ll set up a schedule that meets your needs -- from one time service to an ongoing program. More on carting


If you work in the green industry and are looking for a place to dispose of plant material for recycling into mulch and compost, contact us regarding the possibility of tipping at one of our recycling centers. Find a tipping location

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