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We produce natural, consistently high quality mulch

We’re proud of the services provided by Almstead Nursery & Mulch because we’re confident that we do things the right way. Our mulch is 100% organic, double-hammered, and cooked to eliminate pathogens.

Organic Mulch Production

We know that source material makes an enormous difference when it comes to mulch quality. Almstead uses only native, all natural wood to make our mulch, unlike many other mulch producers. What's more, only quality woods, handled by trained professionals on our staff become Almstead mulch.

Mulch, Compost, and Topsoil Calculator

Use this easy tool to determine the amount of mulch, top soil, or compost that you'll need for a project. All you need to know is the area you're covering and the spreading depth (we'll give you an idea of what's appropriate for the product you're using).

Almstead Nursery & Mulch is an affiliate company of Almstead Tree & Shrub Care Company - The Science of Preserving Nature Since 1964